Cowboy  dressage

Presentation of Cowboy Dressage® at the Americana 2015
with founder Eitan Beth-Halachmy and me on my horse Cisco

What's  Cowboy Dressage®?

Cowboy Dressage® is a relatively new discipline that has already found a lot of fans in the USA.

It combines western riding with elements from classic dressage.

The rider improves his actions and aids and at the same time improves the versatile abilities of his horse. The primary goal is the harmony between horse and rider.


In 2015 Cowboy Dressage® was presented for the first time in Europe at  the AMERICANA in Augsburg, Germany. I was part of the team that was able to present this new discipline in daily demonstrations and appearances with Eitan Beth-Halachmy, the founder of Cowboy Dressage®.

Since 2016 I am a Cowboy Dressage Professional / Clinician and representative for Cowboy Dressage® in Germany.


"Cowboy Dressage is a dicipline , a pursuit, a passion, a lifestyle. It is a world that emphasizes above all else the relationship between horse and rider. ... It emphasizes kindness and gentleness, not mastery. Its aim is a mutually satisfying partnership."

Eitan Beth-Halachmy

Link to the Video of the presentation on the Americana 2015: