Barbara Wagner

born 1968


equestrian enthusiast




Qualifications in a nutshell:

  • Experience in training people and horses for over 25 years.
  • Western trainer license since 2014
  • Cowboy Dressage Professional / Clinician since 2016
  • Official representative for cowboy dressage in Germany
  • Annual attendance at Buck Brannaman's Horsemanship Clinics in Colorado
  • Annual participation in Cowboy Dressage® courses from Eitan Beth-Halachmy and Lyn Ringrose-Moe in Germany, California and Wyoming
  • Participation in Paul Dietz's horsemanship clinics in Germany

A few words about me ... and my teachers

Of course, I was infected with the equine virus from childhood and it only got worse over the years. At the beginning of the nineties I got into western riding and my first horse. From then on there was no stopping it.

Right from the start, I didn't just want to ride, I wanted to work with and educate horses, which is why my own training and that of my own horses always came first. I take various courses every year and I also sponsor courses with other trainers.


"When it comes to horses you NEVER stop learning."

Am meisten Spaß macht meinem Pferd Cisco und mir die Cow Work.

With that in mind, I am learning every day and I am fortunate enough to learn from some of the best horsemen.

But I learn most from the greatest teachers - the horses themselves.


In German-speaking countries I have participated in numerous courses with well-known trainers, including  Roger Kupfer, Kay Wienrich, Steffen Breug, Stefan Ostiadal, Joedy Cunningham and Jean Claude Dysli.

My horse Cisco and I enjoy cow work the most.

On my many trips to the USA, of course, I am always looking for new experiences in horse training. When it comes to (natural) horsemanship, the name Pat Parelli cannot be ignored.

In 2001 I was able to spend a few days at his ranch, the Parelli International Study Center in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. There I got a better picture of Pat's Natural Horsemanship program. I got a lot out of this program, such as the 7 Games, benefits and can still use a lot of them today.


My role models are and will remain the Dorrance brothers, Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman and Paul Dietz.

Ray Hunt

I first met Ray Hunt in 2001 on a course in Sheridan, Montana.
When I saw this great horseman live for the first time and watched the charisma of his horses and what he was able to do, I knew which direction I wanted to go. I have been on this journey ever since. In 2004 I was lucky enough to see Ray Hunt again on a course in Red Bluff, California.


"It´s amazing what you can learn after you´ve learned all that you think there is to learn." (RH)

Buck Brannaman

With Buck Brannaman in Hayden, CO 2018
With Buck Brannaman in Hayden, CO 2018

Buck Brannaman carries on the "horsemanship legacy" of the Dorrance and Ray Hunt brothers. As an extraordinary cowboy and horseman, he shows his amazing skills with the rope (lasso) and in the saddle. In his clinics, which he holds in all states of the USA and in various countries around the world, he teaches riders of all skill levels safe and effective horsemanship. The course for horsemanship was finally set for me in 2004 when I first attended a four-day horsemanship clinic with Buck Brannaman in Sheridan, Montana as a spectator. Since then I have absorbed every word and every little detail in many of Buck's courses as an attentive spectator and eager "student" and implemented them in my work with horses. During these courses I got to know many new horse people and made good new friends who share this enthusiasm with me.

May 2016  - Cow Work Class with Fort Collins, CO
May 2016: Cow Work Class with Buck in Fort Collins, CO

"Every horse deserves to be light."

In 2013 the time had come. My friend Pam made her horse Poet available to me and for the first time I was able to actively ride with Buck in a class in Longmont, CO.

Since then I have been riding Buck's courses in Colorado every year.

Horsemanship-Kurs mit Paul Dietz 2016 und 2017 in Deutschland
Horsemanship-Course with Paul Dietz 2016 and 2017 in Germany


 "Soft feel - it´s not about how much pressure you put on.

It´s how good you are at taking it off." (BB)



My work with horses is mainly influenced by what I learn from great horsemen like Buck Brannaman and Paul Dietz.

2015: With Buck Branaman and our new shirts. ;-)
2015: With Buck Branaman and our new shirts. ;-)